Racing Toys
Play Dillo Hills
This tiny armadillo's biggest dream is to fly through the air like a bird.
  4.50 out of 5
Game Type: Skill game
Game Plays: 246809
Keep an Eye
Create the right momentum and keep your eye away from trouble.
Mad Skeletons
Help Frankenstein put the escaped skeletons back into their coffins.
Nutty Boom
Place bombs to guide the little squirrel through the obstacle course.
Architect your own zoo full of adorable animals to take care of.
Become a swashbuckling pirate and leader of the mighty ocean!
Run your own farm full of cuddly creatures.
Rising CitiesEmpireBattlestar Galactica
Grow your own town into a wealthy metropolis.
Build your own castle, create a powerful army and crush the enemy.
Choose between humans or cylons and battle for galactic supremacy.
Fishy WatersCover Orange Journey. PiratesNY Rex
Catch fish, purchase upgrades and save your dad before he gets eaten.
The Journey continues! Protect your Pirate oranges from the acid rain.
New York City is invaded by super hungry and angry T-Rex!
Where is my Beard?Shape ShifterFeed Us Happy
Transform young boys into brave bearded men in this physics puzzler.
Some evil wizard merged an elephant, a mouse and a rabbit into one shape shifting creature..
Upgrade a bouncy piranha in this bloody Flappy Bird style game.
Awesome Mushroom HunterDittoHow Dare You
What an awesome day for mushroom hunting! Nothing can possibly go wrong, yeah?
Use your own reflection to overcome all obstacles in this atmospheric puzzle platformer.
Launch a raging monk in this upgrade based launching game.
300 Miles to PigslandMonster CorpDiggy
Upgrade your piggies and guide them safely to Pigsland. Follow the leader!
Create your own monster themepark.
Dig a way towards the center of the earth!
Ducklife 4Awesome TanksRaft Wars 2
Raise and train your ducklings to compete in the championships.
Upgrade your tank and cause maximum destruction.
Sneak into a waterpark, get past security and find back your buried treasure.