Play Hanger 2
Swing like Tarzan. Try not to lose any limbs!
  4.27 out of 5
Game Type: Action game

Game Plays: 19839
Ruthless Pandas
Destroy anything in your way to liberate the Planet of the Pandas.
Raze 3
Save the world from aliens and zombies in this action-packed arena based shooter.
Strike Force Heroes
An action packed deathmatch shooter.
Big FarmFarmeramaEmpire
Build, grow and manage your own farm!
Run your own farm full of cuddly creatures.
Build your own castle, create a powerful army and crush the enemy.
London RexSushi Cat-a-pultWonder Defender
London is invaded by super hungry and angry T-Rex!
Help Sushi Cat bounce around and eat sushi.
Defend your castle from invading monsters.
Lost YetiDead Paradise 4Cattle Tycoon
Solve sliding blocks puzzles to guide the yeti to the finish.
Drive an armed vihicle through a post nuclear warzone!
Run your own farm!
Awesome PiratesPajama Boy 3Crazy Skater
Upgrade your fort and cannons, wipe those pirates out!
Jump over spikes, slide on walls and try to survive another dangerous adventure.
Perform tricks, collect coins and reach the finish without falling.
Home Sheep Home 2Cover Orange Journey. PiratesRacing Toys
Two sheep and a little lamb, help them stick together in the streets of London.
The Journey continues! Protect your Pirate oranges from the acid rain.
Race toy cars around a desk, bathroom floor and a kitchen table. Earn cash to buy upgrades.
DiggyStrikeForce KittyRaft Wars 2
Dig a way towards the center of the earth!
Raise and dress up a powerful army of cat warriors!
Sneak into a waterpark, get past security and find back your buried treasure.