Racing Toys
Play Greens Survive when Reds Die
Sacrifice the reds to save the greens.
  4.48 out of 5
Game Type: Puzzle game

Game Plays: 42505
Furry Friends
Throw stones, break stuff and guide the ball to the monster.
Amigo Pancho 6
Keep Pancho away from danger in Afghanistan!
Nightflies 2
Help the flies get to the lanterns in this puzzle physics game.
EmpireBig FarmFarmerama
Build your own castle, create a powerful army and crush the enemy.
Build, grow and manage your own farm!
Run your own farm full of cuddly creatures.
Police Pursuit 3DHero SimulatorFurry Friends
Chase and smash into criminals in this high speed pursuit game.
An idle RPG game about an aspiring hero.
Throw stones, break stuff and guide the ball to the monster.
Bouncy and MonstoTwizzed FirefartaBLOCnog
Reunite two friends in this 'feel-good' puzzle physics game.
Propel yourself towards the exit using the backfiring forces of mother nature.
A challenging and unique block sliding puzzler.
Disaster Will Strike 5Ricochet Kills: SpaceMicrics
Crush all dino eggs on the screen!
Use bouncy bullets to kill alien astronauts.
Crush all red microorganisms!
Dillo HillsPursuit of HatKingdom Rush
Slide down hills and fly through the air like a bird.
Tear off your own limbs to get back your hat in this funny puzzle platformer.
Defend your kingdom from the attacking enemy hordes.
Stealing the DiamondRacing ToysStrikeForce Kitty
Bring home an exquisite Tunisian Diamond in this comical stickman adventure.
Race toy cars around a desk, bathroom floor and a kitchen table. Earn cash to buy upgrades.
Raise and dress up a powerful army of cat warriors!